ASHE needed needed a portfolio of evergreen ads that would showcase membership benefits to a younger audience and look visually cohesive. 

I created a collection of ads unified by a monochromatic color scheme selected from ASHE’s brand palette so any designer can join a project and create innovative branded content.


Membership Campaign / BOMA Magazine Ad

HFM - Memb_Collage.jpg

Part of the collection is the membership campaign, which introduced ASHE through its four core values + candid photos from previous events. Candid photographs are powerful storytellers, used here to present the most authentic + accurate portrait of what ASHE stands for.

HFM - Memb_Pg_P2.jpg


This campaign was born from new survey data showing the financial benefits of receiving certification. The survey results were compelling, but left me dissatisfied – what’s the story behind these numbers?

A little independent research revealed results from two previous surveys + together, they demonstrated a clear trend of a widening pay gap based on certification. To tell this story, I illustrated life of a little pig(gy bank) from infancy to graduation.

HFM - Cert_ProcessCertification Campaign / Newspaper Ad

HFM - CertCollage


HFM - Cert_Banners

Client: American Society of Healthcare Engineers
Role: Designer and Copywriter